5 Reasons Why You Should Be Switching to an Online Dry Cleaner


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Switching to an Online Dry Cleaner

1. Online pickup requests save you time. Say goodbye to the early morning lineup and early closing time your traditional brick and mortar dry cleaning depot. A good online dry cleaner offers convenient pickup and delivery on the day, time and place that it suits you (yes, pun intended).

2. It doesn’t matter if you lose the written receipt. The online dry cleaner collects your laundry where you want them to and then send you a digital receipt letting you know when you can expect the clean goods to be delivered.

3. Automated notifications remind you when your laundry is clean. The online dry cleaner reminds you when your laundry is cleaned and ready to be delivered so you don’t have to.

4. Online payment so you don’t even need to be there upon delivery. The online dry cleaner accepts payment online so you don’t even need to be present when your clean goods are delivered. Of course, you are also able to pay in person if you want to.

5. The complimentary laundry bag changes your laundry routine.

After your first pickup, the online dry cleaners gives you a complimentary laundry bag, which you can leave for them wherever you want to for your next order. For example if you live in a Condo, it is very common that the online dry cleaner pickups up and delivers to your concierge .

Still not ready to make the leap to an online dry cleaner? Comment below and let us know what is holding you back.

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All dry cleaning and laundry is performed by our eco-friendly dry cleaning partner, Platis Cleaners (since. 1958).

  • Joan

    I agree with you. Its very convenient and soooo easy.